Dental (Insurance) Coverage

Please note that your health care and dental coverage are separate. Your dental coverage is usually administered by a different insurance carrier -- check your card.

Your dental coverage is an agreement between you (or your employer) and your insurance carrier.  You are responsible for understanding your coverage, including its limitations, exclusions, and maximums.  We can verify that you have coverage, and estimate copays, but we do not have detailed information about your plan.

We are happy to submit claims on your behalf to all traditional and PPO style plans (employer provided and self-purchased). We do not work with any dental HMOs.

**You are responsible for payment of any services not covered by your dental plan**

2023/24 PPO Participation


We are happy to work with ALL PPOs (any insurance carrier), and will submit your claims on your behalf. You should expect your (non-Delta) benefits to be paid based on your plan's "out of network" schedule. Please check with your plan administrator, or insurance carrier for for information about your plan's benefits.

Many PPOs cover your preventative services both in and out of network (check with your plan).

We are happy to submit a pre-determination request to your carrier in order to help you estimate your out of pocket costs on restorative dental work.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Traditional Medicare plans do not include dental coverage. If you have purchased a supplement with dental insurance, please refer to the information above.

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE: though these plans include dental, we do not participate with all plans!  If your plan is a PPO style (MAPPO) or you have purchased out-of-network benefits through a "buy up", your plan may cover (pay for) some services in our office. PLEASE CALL YOUR PLAN ADMINISTRATOR for details about your plan's payment policies and covered services. If your plan is an HMO style it may not pay any benefits in our office.

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