Dental Coverage (insurance plans)

 Dental (insurance) Plans

Please note that your health care and dental coverge are separate. Your dental coverage is usually administered by a different insurance carrier -- check your card.

 Your dental coverage is an agreement between you (or your employer) and your insurance carrier.  You are responsible for understanding your dental coverage, including its limitations, exclusions, and maximums.  We can verify that you have coverage, and estimate copays, but we do not have detailed information about your plan.  

You are responsible for payment of any services not covered by your dental plan.

2021 PPO Participation

During 2021 we are "in network" with the following PPOs:

  • Delta (Premier/PPO/Healthy Kids)
  • MetLife PDP/PDP Plus
  • Blue Dental PPO (currently includes DNOA - Dental Networks of America)
  • Guardian Dentalguard Preferred  (WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS IN THIS NETWORK. If you were a patient of record in our practice prior to the end of 2020, our network participation continues for 2021)

If you have used a DenteMax plan in our office -- please scroll to the bottom of the page for important information.

If you are in a PPO style plan not listed above, our practice is considered "out of network" with that plan.  We are happy to submit claims to all traditional, employer, and PPO plans. Please check with your plan administrator/insurance carrier for details on covered services and benefit payments.

A note to current patients: if you have a PPO not listed above and were told our practice is "in network" it is very likely a DenteMax plan.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read important information about these plans.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Traditional Medicare plans do not include dental coverage. If you have purchased a supplement with dental coverage, please see the information above regarding plan participation.

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE: though these plans include dental, we do not participate with all plans!  Please carefully check your card for the name of your insurance carrier and plan.  WE PARTICIPATE ONLY WITH DELTA AND BLUE DENTAL PPO.  Many of the Advantage plans are HMO style plans (our office has never participated) -- PLEASE contact your carrier for information on claims payment.

Patients with DenteMax Plans

We are in the process of leaving the DenteMax Provider Network.  We are not accepting any new patients with DenteMax plans. If you are a current patient using a DenteMax plan please be advised that our exit from this network will take several months. 

DenteMax works with over one hundred different insurance carriers. The easiest way to tell if your plan is part of this network is to look for the DenteMax logo on your card.  If you don't see the logo - call your insurance carrier to ask.

CURRENT PATIENTS WITH  A DENTAL PPO THAT IS NOT LISTED ABOVE: if your carrier advised you that our office is in-network, your plan is probably a DenteMax plan.

Effective March 1, 2021: all claims processed through DenteMax with the following carriers are "out of network": Aetna, Ameritas, Boone Chapman, DeCare/Anthem, Commercial Travelers, Dental Select.

Effective April 1, 2021: all claims processed through DenteMax with the following carriers are "out of network": SunLife, Principal Life

Effective July 1, 2021: we will fully exit the DenteMax network.  If your PPO is not through one of the five carriers listed at the top of this page, your claims will be processed "out of network".

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