COVID-19 Update


Our business is closed due to Executive Order 2020-17. This order, which limits health care workers to providing only emergency care, has been extended until May 28, 2020.  Under this order we are REQUIRED TO SUSPEND ALL ACTIVITIES THAT ARE NOT NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN OR PROTECT LIFE.  This means that Dr. LeVasseur may treat some dental emergencies.  We cannot, and we are not performing administrative activities.

We appreciate your understanding: we are not retrieving voice messages/returning calls. We are not reading/returning emails. We are not reading/returning web messages.  We understand this is frustrating, and we apologize. Please refer to the information at the bottom of the page for information on billing and payment during this time.

Dental Emergencies: Please call the main number 248-698-2220. An emergency contact number is always on the machine. Prior to an appointment, please review the MAY 2020 tab for our new procedures/protocol during this month.

Not sure if it's an emergency? Please call if you have • Bleeding that doesn’t stop • Painful swelling in or around your mouth • Pain in a tooth, teeth or jaw bone • Gum infection with pain or swelling •  Broken or knocked out tooth • Denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other treatment for cancer

New patients and patients who were last seen in our office prior to 1/2/2018 please see the New Patients | LeVasseur Dental Care tab before calling -- charges will apply.

Hygiene appointments (cleanings): all hygiene appointments through May 28 have been postponed. We apologize if we were unable to reach you personally. We very much hope that we will resume some hygiene appointments in June. During summer 2020, it will be our priority to see those patients whose appointments were missed, and those who are already on our schedule for June, July and August. We are not scheduling new/future cleaning appointments at this time. 

Elective dental procedures: if your appointment was scheduled between 3/17/20 and the end of May, it has been postponed.  If we started a dental procedure for you prior to the pandemic, or started a root canal during the pandemic, then it has become an "urgent-necessary" procedure, and should be completed. Please visit the MAY 2020 page for information. If we do not contact you please call us.

 For all other missed elective procedures (fillings, etc.) we will contact you in June.

Billing and Payment: Our statements are mailed by a third party. At any time a balance remains on an account, a statement will be generated in the next billing cycle.

The easiest way to pay is on the home page of this website. It is a secure portal and you may pay by e-check or credit card. You may also mail your payments.

Insurance issues while we are out: 

We will not have an Insurance Specialist on staff March 17th - May 30th, 2020!

If you believe your most recent statement is incorrect, please pay the amount indicated per your insurance EOB. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the staff available to review each concern. When we return to the office, we will work with you to reconcile any discrepencies.

If your insurance company has denied benefits on a claim, you are responsible for the balance. If you do not understand the reason for the denial, please contact your insurance company.  If there is an administrative issue we can fix in June, please leave a detailed message (phone or email), meanwhile please make a payment on the balance via our website or mail.

If you believe your claim needs to be submitted to a different insurance company (new coverage, secondary coverage): please copy both sides of your new insurance card and send the copy via regular mail to our office address. We will review the information, and re-submit claims as we are able.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and we appreciate your consideration. Stay safe! Your dental health is important to us, and we hope to see you again soon!


Dr. Patrick LeVasseur and the staff of Highland Dental Associates, P.C.

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