Check-in Procedure 2021

Please come inside to the front desk to check in (you do not need to call or text from the parking lot)

PLEASE do NOT bring others to your appointment - due to social distancing, space in our reception area is limited

MASKS are optional if fully vaccinated


Before your appointment/making your appointment: 

  • Call your insurance carrier to verify that you still have active dental coverage; check with your carrier regarding any copays or benefit maximums. Ask your carrier if benefits at our office are paid as in or out-of-network.
  • Plan your appointment for a date you can come alone, or with a maximum of one additional person. Seating is limited in our reception area.
  • Please follow CDC guidelines for isolation/quarantine/travel and do not schedule your appointment during a period when you or a household member is required to quarantine.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well, or have symptoms of a contagious illness.

When you arrive at your appointment:

  • Please come to your appointment alone when possible. For young-child appointments, one parent may attend.
    Our reception area is small and we are still required to follow social distancing restrictions.
    *Parents - please do not bring children to your  - or another siblings - appointment*
  • Check in at the front desk, and participate in health screening.
  • Parents/escorts will also be screened. 
  • Our waiting room is open with limited seating. If you would prefer to wait in your car, please let the front desk staff know. If you have been fully vaccinated, masks are optional.

During your appointment:

  • Your dental team has always taken cleaning and sterilization seriously. We will continue to follow the high standards set by OSHA and the American Dental Associaton. For more information:
  • You will notice that other precautions, specific to COVID-19 have been implemented such as barriers, and social distancing guidelines.
  • Staff members are required to wear masks during direct patient contact (regardless of vaccination status)
  • We continue patient/visitor wellness screenings regardless of vaccination status


Financial Policies: We have not increased our fees! Nor have we added the PPE charge that the American Dental Association recommended.

We have updated our financial policies and we have also left some PPO networks. Please refer to the Dental Coverage (insurance plans) for more information.

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