COVID-19 Procedure Changes and information


We are OPEN with procedural changes due to COVID-19

Dr. LeVasseur is in the office Monday through Thursday, and is doing most* dental procedures. Please be advised: demand is high, and (due to social distancing measures) we have fewer openings. You will likely wait a couple weeks to get in. Please call before the situation is an emergency!

Hygiene appointments (cleanings): Over the course of the pandemic we were forced to postpone nearly 400 cleaning appointments!! We believe we have tried to contact every affected patient**. If you did not hear from us -- we are sorry -- please call us! We have reserved October appointments for patients who were missed during our closure. (All others: we are now booking November/December appointments).  We will also begin seeing new patients again in 2021!

* Use of some instruments is limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we may not perform all procedures performed before the pandemic.
** If your appointment was for Periodontal Maintenance, or Scaling and Root Planing we may not have contacted you -- we are still working out some details with these procedures -- (but please call us for information)

Before your appointment/making your appointment: 

  • Call your insurance carrier to verify that you are still have active dental coverage; check with your carrier regarding any copays or benefit maximums.
  • Check with us, to make sure we still participate with your plan.
  • When you call we will ask several pre-screening questions regarding COVID-19: please make sure that you schedule your appointment at least two weeks after any travel, or any potential exposure. If you have had COVID-19, please schedule at least 21 days after symptoms have subsided, and you have tested negative.
  • We are asking that all patients come un-accompanied so that we can keep our reception area clear. If you have a special need (must bring an escort) please notify us when you are scheduling the appoinment.

When you arrive at your appointment:

  • Please come to your appointment alone. For young-child appointments, one parent may attend. We are currently keeping the waiting room clear and kindly request that if someone accompanies you to your appointment that they wait in the car. Parents - please do not bring children to your  - or another siblings - appointment. 
  • When you arrive in our parking lot, please call 248-698-2221 (check in only -- no voicemail on this line).
  • When you call we will ask several screening questions, and then ask you to enter the building wearing a mask.
  • We will meet you in the front vestibule and get a temperature reading prior to beginning your appointment.
  • Parents/escorts will also be screened. Parent/escorts must remain in our reception area and wear a mask at all times.

During your appointment:

  • Your dental team has always taken cleaning and sterilization seriously. We will continue to follow the high standards set by OSHA and the American Dental Associaton. For more information:
  • You will notice that other precautions, specific to COVID-19 have been implemented such as barriers, and social distancing guidelines.


Financial Policies: We have not increased our fees! Nor have we added the PPE charge that the American Dental Association recommended.

HOWEVER: We are experiencing the detrimental economic effects that all Michigan's small businesses are facing.  While we are in a recovery period we must make changes to our financial policies. This also means that we are evaluating our participation in PPOs, and may decide to leave some networks.


  • Payment (or copay) must be made at the time of service. There may be occasions, when we ask for prepayment on a credit card for certain services.
  • We are not able to create payment plans at this time; we will however once again accept Care Credit as a form of payment. We also accept all major credit cards.
  • We are no longer participating in/accepting any type of DISCOUNT plans*.
  • We are leaving some PPO networks -- please ask when you make your appointment!

Patients with Cigna plans: our participation with Cigna ended August 31, 2020. We still "accept" patients with Cigna, but we do not accept Cigna's fees as payment-in-full. If you wish to stay with our practice, we can submit your Cigna claims as an out-of-network provider.  We are also happy to submit pre-determinations to Cigna to help you determine your out-of-pocket cost.  

* We will accept the Cigna Savings (discount) card and Dentemax savings card through the end of 2020 for those patients who were active in our practice as of March 16, 2020 and purchased the card prior to March 16, 2020.

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